Hello there, I’m Morgane Burq, 18 years old and a student in the city of Marseille, in France.

I am studying Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology subjects that reflect my interest in science in general but especially genetics and chemistry. I study to become an engineer or a researcher, I don’t quite know which one for now.

I really enjoy sports such as riding horse, bike and running. I love all kind of music in general, dance and playing the piano, I’m also a foody.

I have a huge family that lives all around the world (from Africa to Thailand) which allowed me to travel a lot during my childhood. That experience taught me how to feel comfortable even with people I don’t fully understand. I have had the opportunity to travel around Europe and I have a great fondness for museums and culture in general.

I look forward to meeting you this summer and ensuring that you have the most enjoyable and productive stay possible!