Hi, I'm Lisa!

I will be happy to show you the French capital, for its artistic, historical and festive aspect. I participated in the 2013 IChOs in Hanoï, Vietnam, and I have an unforgettable memory of it! I decided to be a guide to have the chance to benefit, once again, from the multicultural emulation so characteristic of the Olympiads. I speak English, German, and I have a basic knowledge of Russian. Feel free to come and ask me questions about Paris, talk to me about chemistry, your culture, what surprises you, and even your fears! I hope you will have a wonderful memory of your stay in Paris, and that you will enjoy the cultural, scientific and enthusiastic excitement that the Olympiads can provide! I also hope you will enjoy the wisely prepared chemistry exams, the many exciting visits we have prepared for you, and that you will meet a lot of chemists from all over the world. Good luck to all of you, and above all, enjoy these ten days in Paris!