Hello, my name is Susanna and I'm 20 years old.

I was born in Moscow and lived there for 8 years. Since then I’m living in France, currently in Bordeaux. I’m a 2nd year student in literature in a High School Preparatory Class, with History and Geography as main classes. In the future I would like to work at an international level even though I don’t know yet in what sphere. I speak English, and Russian fluently. I travelled in different countries and I hope I’ll have the opportunity to visit some more. I like hanging-out and practising sports. For several years I’ve played tennis, practised kendo and horse-riding as well as a few others. I have different hobbies, main is cosplay for now 2 years. I like drawing time to time. I’m also fond of Marvel universe and more generally I like watching films. I had animals before, I really am an animal lover.