Hello there, my name is Tao and I come from Taiwan.

I’ve been living in Paris for around four years and currently I’m studying at École polytechnique. You can talk with me in French, English, Chinese or, if you want, French Sign Language. I like to do sport. For instance, I love jogging or playing volleyball, and perhaps that’s why I’m tall. I can’t play any instrument, but I’m a big fan of classical music. Riding a bike is no big deal for me, since I can also ride a unicycle. I’ve been to many countries such as Finland or Singapore, and I’m going to visit Portugal this autumn. I like to learn new stories or anecdotes of whatever you think of. Do you know the name of the cat of Shakespeare and Company? If you come across me, please give me a warm smile and a “Bonjour” in your native tongue.

Bienvenue à Paris and see you in July!