Hello, My name is Mathilde Molina and I am 21 years old.

I come from the south of France but I have been studying for 2 years at ENSIC, a chemical engineering school in Nancy. I would like to become a polymer engineer in medical applications or work in the cosmetic production field.

My passion is sport and travel. I have practiced horse riding for 10 years, running, trail running, swimming, fitness and cheerleading. I have travelled across Europe and will study soon in Montreal.

My relatives describe me as a positive person, always ready to help anyone. I love speaking with people, especially when they come from a different country in order to learn about their culture.

For the IChO, I will supervise the Cuba team and I’m looking forward to discovering these students, who I hope will love the event, will love Paris, and of course will win! ¡ VIVA CUBA !