Hello ! My name is Elsa. I am 20 years old.

I am a third year student in physical chemistry at Université Paris-Sud and ENS Paris-Saclay. Among the many subjects we study, I prefer inorganic chemistry and crystallography. I also quite enjoy quantum mechanics and its applications in different spectroscopy methods. I would love to become a researcher. The field I am most passionate about is astrochemistry and the study of meteorites.

Besides science, I like to spend time reading, going to the movies and listening to music, ranging from classical to heavy metal. I got really interested in what goes on behind the scenes during concerts. I joined the group in charge of sound and lighting for the musical events of the ENS, like the gala ball and monthly concerts.

I should also add that I love to travel. I tend to take a lot of pictures on those trips as I enjoy capturing memories to look back on. I look forward to making new memories as a guide for this year’s IChO.