Hey there ! I’m Loren, Slovenia’s guide for this summer.

Short presentation of myself: I am a triathlete, medical student in Northern Ireland and tourist guide in Nice, France. I am half Welsh and half French and can babble in German. I’ve been part of IESO a lot but I daren’t go near chemistry (without even knowing you yet, I am already in awe at the fact that you have qualified to the IChO!).

Why I am delighted to be your guide: I am thrilled at the prospect of getting to know you + I am eager to learn what I should eat when I go to Slovenia because I’m such a foodie + I want to try to pronounce your most difficult words (or even the basic ones…) + I am going to Ljubljana for New Year’s 2019/2020 so you’ll have to help me gain Slovenian skills to impress my friends over there.

Finally, please get some rest before the IChO because I’m full of life and enthusiasm. See you soon!!