Hello! My name is Marie-Laure. I will be the guide of the Israeli team at the International Chemistry Olympiad this year and I feel very honoured to be part of this event with this team.

As for my studies, I am not really a chemist… As a matter of fact, I am currently studying Classics at the ENS in Paris, for I love Greek and Latin literature as well as the ancient history of those civilizations. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, writing, drawing, going to the theatre or visiting some exhibitions with my friends, I also like swimming and hiking in the mountains in the summer, when I go to the Dolomites, one of my favourite places. I am also very fond of langages, both ancient (Latin, Greek, Biblical Hebrew) and modern ones (German, English, Italian, Czech and Hebrew) and I like travelling, which makes it possible to meet people from different countries and learn how they live, how they speak, how they think: in my opinion, it is really important to be able to share what we love with other people and to discover what they love too. I guess the IChO will be the perfect place to get to know people from almost all the countries in the world, so I am looking forward to it!