Hi! My name is Salomé, I’m 19 years old and I’m from Paris.

Actually, I’m a L2 student from Paris Descartes University in the bachelor “Frontiers in life Science”, where I study biology, chemistry, computational sciences, mathematics, physics…In the september, I will go to Montreal during one semester in order to study ecology (whichis not about the climate change, but about connections between environment and animal species).

If you want to discuss about books, sciences in general, cooking, games or art I will be happy to do it with you! In fact, I will be happy to talk about anything, as long as we can have interesting conversations together.

As you guessed, I love to read (mostly science-fiction and fantasy books, but i’m open to new suggestions) and to draw and paint. I also enjoy practicing aïkido (like 6 hours per week), cooking, playing video games and walking in Paris.

It will be nice to meet you!